Welcome to the brew house of the nation’s FIRST farm winery / microbrewery. At SchillingBridge, we roll the highest quality domestic and imported malted barley and other cereal grains, mix them with Pawnee County’s own pure water, and add some of the world’s finest hops. The result is an exceptional flavor profile that makes up the macro tastes of our signature micro brews.

We rotate our handles frequently, so come check out what we have on tap today.

Southern English-Style Brown Ale
This seasonal is dark brown in color, with a moderate tan head. Hopped lightly with aroma hops, this medium-bodied ale features a rich, caramel-like, spicy character, followed by a malty residual sweetness.

Duggan’s Wheat
Our unfiltered wheat captures the essence of uniqueness by combining wheat, specialty malts, and three types of hops. Orange peel, lemon peel, and lemongrass make up the citrus notes that accompany the crisp, hoppy finish.

70 SchillingBridge
Mike crafted this ale to replicate a traditional "70 Shilling” Scottish Ale. The flavor starts with a ligh caramel-like sweetness and ends with a smooth maltiness. It is medium-bodied and rich in color.

Lemon Lime Lager
This refreshing beer combines the tartness of lime on the front palate and the sweetness of lemon on the finish. It's the perfect beer to welcome warmer weather!

Zulu American Pale Ale
Our APA is light amber in color and  full-bodied. Generous quantities of premium hops release a delightful, fragrant bouquet that combines nicely with its spicy flavor!

Cherry Wheat
This American unfiltered wheat beer has just the right balance of sweetness and bitterness. Fermented with both sweet and tart cherries, it is bursting with aromas and flavors similar to a fresh-baked cherry pie. VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Sandy Andy


Sandy Andy Extra Pale Ale
This extra pale ale will satisfy even the lightest of palates. It is really light in color and flavor, with a great mouth feel. Try it will lime for an added burst of flavor!



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