Aurora, Edelweiss, Traminette, and LaCrosse are the white varietals that make up the SchillingBridge white wine profile. Harvest begins in mid-August when the grapes are hand-picked from the vines, carefully separated from the stems, then gently pressed to extract the juice in a very timely matter. The attention to detail that Vintner Max adheres to creates our award-winning whites.

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Sweet Santa Fe

Refreshingly crisp, clean, and aromatic with the sweetness of apricots and honey on the palate, Sweet Santa Fe is made from the LaCrosse grape. A great wine to relax with and share with friends!




Our Finalé dessert wine is nectar in your glass. Honey sweet with floral aromas and a cake spice finish, it brings the best of the Traminette grape forward.  Pair it with rich vanilla ice cream, custards, bread puddings or cinnamon-spiced desserts or make it a stand alone dessert, offering your dinner companions an exquisite finish to their meal. (750 ml)      



Blue Diamond

A diamond is renowned for its extraordinary physical qualities, most of which originate from the strong bond between its atoms. The Blue Diamond’s exquisite beauty and rarity make it one of the most valuable of diamonds.  This rare gem (and Sharon’s mother!) were the inspirations for “My Blue Diamond."  A perfect, crisp, sweet white wine with hints of pear, apple, and peach on the palette is the perfect wine to share with the Blue Diamonds you have bonded with in your life!



Silent Star

Named in honor of silent film star Harold Lloyd from Burchard, NE, this vintage is a well-balanced, clean, crisp, and zesty white wine. On the palate, it delivers tastes of apple along with hints of apricot and peach. Its ability to pair well with a variety of foods makes it a great addition to your dinner table --your taste buds will thank you!



Chef’s Choice

Chef’s Choice is made from 100% Aurore grapes.  Crisp, fresh and totally dry with citrus and peach flavors it has been compared by some to a dry Sauvignon Blanc. Fermented in a neutral style to express the character of the Aurore grape it finishes clean and refreshing, making it a great wine to sip while you cook or dine.              




Our Edelweiss begins with the flavors and aromas of fresh pineapple, then moves into a smooth blend of tropical fruit that lingers, leading into a pleasantly sweet finish. Each bottle capably carries on the tradition of excellence expected of SchillingBridge Edelweiss. (750 ml)




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